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This is a large study guide with more than 160 pages laid out like a daily devotional.

Now Available in Print and as an eBook



I once read where Paul mentioned two men who he considered spiritually shipwrecked. This was interesting language coming from someone who had actually been shipwrecked several times. It also shows that Paul did not believe anyone was home free. The Christian life is like a journey and we are all ships headed for a destination, but there are many dangers along the way that could prevent us from getting there. Today porn would be at the top of that list.


Sexual sin, including addiction to pornography, is like a hidden reef that will rip the hulls out of our spiritual lives, not to mention marooning our marriages, and causing our homes and churches to lose their precious cargo. 


I have read somewhere that we can break any habit in about two weeks, but it takes time to also renew the mind, so we begin to think differently about an issue. I believe this book contains enough truth, the kind of sobering truth, that can help set people free from sexual sin. It is broken down in daily segments that can help the reader better absorb what they are reading. There is a robust question and answer section at the end along with some additional tools that I think will be helpful for anyone wanting to be free from pornography.


This is a companion book one I wrote called The Road to Repentance, which will also help put as much distance between us and the devil’s attempt to keep us out of heaven. 




Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be porn-free in less than thirty days? Imagine being able to regain your sense of righteousness so that you can have confidence in your own prayers being answered again, being able to worship the Lord with abandon, and being free from the fear and condemnation that the enemy heaps upon you. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to view people the way God does, rather than as sexual objects? Wouldn’t it be great to have proven tools that you can use to help others get free? 

What would happen if we exposed our hearts to the sobering truth of God’s Word for a pre-determined time? What if we did this daily, like taking an antibiotic for thirty days? What if we started this time of study with a fast, using this time of total abstinence from food, fun, friends, and entertainment to strengthen our determination to be free? 

The goal of this study guide is to help people build biblical truths into their lives in order to help them keep porn from sinking their ships. 

While much of this material is geared toward men, in the same way that the book of Proverbs is written to young men, it does not mean that women do not have a problem with sexual sin, because they certainly do. They could also benefit from the principles and truths outlined here, but I do believe that the larger problem lies with men, and that is my target audience for this study guide. 

I challenge each of you to do go through this study guide prayerfully so that you can make it to your destination, bringing as many people with you as possible.  

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