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Now available in Print and as an eBook

What I describe in this book is not some spiritual vision or a dream I had, nor something I saw on a recent visit to heaven, but rather it is something I have seen with the eyes of my heart as I have meditated upon the scriptures about the Judgment Day. It came to me during a personal crisis I was going through as a young disciple, shaking me loose from my limited view of life. It forced me to begin to look up, toward the life to come, so that I could begin to see the realities of the Day. 

Since then, I have that found most Christians do not think about the Judgment Day very much or when they do, they think of it as something only reserved for lost sinners. Even fewer believe that we will be judged in an open way, in front of everyone, with all the details of our lives revealed so we can see how we all really lived and how we chose to respond to whatever life threw at us down here. 

Even fewer have considered the wisdom of our needing to be judged right alongside of our unsaved loved ones, neighbors, and enemies. Neither do believers give much thought to the reality of rewards being given for a life we have lived down here, which will also be done publicly for all to see. Yet this concept has served as a primary motivator for my life and ministry for almost forty years. It has given me a lot of comfort in times of trouble, and I hope it will do the same for you. 


  • In this book we will explore:

  • we choose the quality of the life that we will live forever by the choices we make here and now                                            

  • being born again does not make you home-free

  • we will give an account for all of our words, actions

and even the motives behind them

  • everyone will see our entire lives as we lived it, like a full 3-D movie

  • how we can edit our life’s film now by faith

  • we will see the life that could have been

  • why it is important that we believe there is a literal hell

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