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Recovering the Real Purpose for Communion

The title of this book comes from one of the first things man did when he landed on the moon in the summer of 1969, which was to take communion. When I first read about this little footnote in history, it reminded me of how some Christians take communion today. They are alone, sitting in darkness, remaining aloof from the rest of the Body. They are unable to enter into real fellowship with others, walled-in by unresolved conflicts. Worse yet, they are unable to enter into the fullest fellowship with Jesus, which is communicated through His Body. Although these same people wouldn’t miss a communion service, they might as well be taking communion on the moon!

Jesus said that communion was to be done “in remembrance of” Him. Do you think He was concerned that the Twelve might actually forget Him? Paul wrote to the Corinthians about the revelation Jesus gave him regarding communion, but I don’t think he did this because he was concerned that this first century church might forget Jesus or what He did on the cross. The part they were forgetting, to a startling degree, was why they were to take communion. The same thing happens in our churches today, where people take it out of routine, as if it were just a religious ritual. This can eclipse the real reason behind it.

Personally, I have never taken communion once to remind myself about Jesus. I have never had any trouble remembering who He is or what He did on the cross. What I do forget, almost daily, is the fact that how I treat others is really how I treat Jesus. I need a regular reminder of this. For me, communion has a practical purpose that can impact my spiritual and physical health.


Paul actually used communion to resolve church conflict.

This book is part of a series of studies that Penn has prepared disciples or for those who are preparing for ministry. This 5.5 x 8 book is beautifully printed and is about 60 pages in length. This book is also available as an eBook and in Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

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