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Now available in Print and as an eBook

This book was written to help people see that we all experience revival more than we realize. it defines what revival is and what contributes to it on a national, regional, and personal level. Learn more about this in this exciting study.

My goal in writing this was to revive our desire for revival, without resorting to hype or false hope. I want to inspire us to dare to expose our heart to the Word of God once again, both by reading the Bible and by listening to what the Spirit is saying. We need to experience His favor again because it will cause us to submit ourselves more readily to His deep dealings in our lives. Then, we can experience personal revival. 

I believe personal revival happens more often than we think, but we don’t always recognize it because we are too focused on corporate, regional, or national revival, while looking right past revivals that happen within us from day-to-day.

In this book you will learn

  • What revival is

  • What revival looks like

  • How personal revival happens 

  • How favor factors into revival

  • What blocks revival from happening

  • How to experience revival more often

  • How to find eternal life—zoe

If you stop and think about it, all the big revivals we have read about in Church history have started because someone experienced personal revival. May this be your story, and may it be your experience.


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