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When Jesus taught us how to pray, He told us that we need to give and receive forgiveness on a daily basis. He then went on to address how we are to forgive others. I cannot help but wonder that, if He hadn’t commanded us to forgive, we might not begin the process at all. Those initial steps of obedience, will lead us from forgiveness that begins in our head to eventually feeling forgiveness in our hearts. 

In this booklet, you will learn how forgiveness is a process, which takes time, commitment, and grace, as we follow God’s  example of how He forgives us. 

Penn draws from his own experiences to illustrate what forgiveness looks like, giving us practical things we can do until we finally feel that the process is finished. 


This is a companion book to his other books, Jesus in Warfare and Stopping the Mouths of Lions, and builds upon chapters that had been written in both of these books.

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