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  • How do I download the book?
    Click on the file when you make your purchase. Watch where the file is being saved, so you can retrieve it easily. You will need an Adobe PDF reader, which is on most computers. This is easy to do on a Mac, as there is a download file in your finder. ​ If you have any trouble downloading a book, let us know by email and we will help you. If you are just not sure about all this, email us and we will send you a copy by email.
  • Will this download work on my cell phone?
    It is a large file, so it may not work on most cell phones.
  • Can I share my book with someone else?
    If you give your downloaded book to others, we will not be able to accomplish our goals, which is to publish more books. If you tell them about it, encourage them to order thier own copy.
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