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This booklet is about 115 pages in length and is now available for $6.99

This eBook is now available

A Study About the Root of Pride and the Fruit of Humility 

I can’t remember ever passing up an opportunity to buy a book about pride or humility. From the beginning of my walk with the Lord, I have always tried to weed out one and to cultivate the other. The first book I ever bought was the classic “Humility” by Andrew Murray, but like many others that I have read since, it left me wanting more definition and hoping for practical ways to get a handle on pride. What you are holding in your hand is my own attempt to accomplish this, born out of years of searching, study, and struggle. 

        As I asked Jesus to teach me about pride and humility, and He surprised me by leading me into an in-depth study about meekness. I never saw the connection until most of this book was written. Then I noticed how Jesus referred to Himself as being both meek and humble. One naturally springs from the other. I don’t think we can fully understand our pride without understanding what it means to be meek.

My working definition of meekness is “to become utterly dependent upon another”. Another definition that has been helpful has been, “putting aside your own fiery nature.”

Moses referred to himself as the meekest man on earth. Why would he say this, and how did God produce this level of meekness within him? The answer may surprise you, as it did me, but I have found that He has been using the same means to produce meekness in me all these years.




-  There are different kinds of pride, some of which are obnoxious both to God and man, but there is a kind of pride that will help make us truly successful.

-  How do you know if you are proud?

-  What does real humility look like in our everyday lives?

-  Sometimes, we think we need to manage our anger better, but if we look below the surface, we will see the root of pride.

-  All of our contentions with people come from pride.

-  Our need to be great is not pride. It actually comes from God, and He even tells us how to go about getting it.

-  Is being boastful a sin? 

-  What you don’t turn into praise can turn into pride.

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