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I read where Paul told Timothy about two brothers who were spiritually shipwrecked. This was interesting language coming from someone who had actually been shipwrecked several times. It also shows that Paul did not believe anyone was home free. The Christian life is like a journey and we are all ships headed for a destination, but there are many dangers along the way that could prevent us from getting there. Today, I would put porn at the top of that list.


Sexual sin is like a hidden reef that can rip the hulls out of our spiritual lives, not to mention marooning our marriages, and causing our homes and churches to lose their precious cargo.


I have read somewhere that we can break any habit in about two weeks, but it takes time to also renew the mind, so we begin to think differently about an issue. I believe this book contains enough truth, sobering truth, that can do just that. I decided to break this study down in daily segments to help the reader better absorb the truths we need to set us free. There is a robust question and answer section at the end along with some additional tools that I think will be helpful for anyone wanting to be free from pornography.


This is a companion book one I wrote called The Road to Repentance, which will also help put as much distance between us and the devil’s attempt to keep us out of heaven.

Shipwrecked On The Way To Heaven

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