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Following the Eyes of Your Heart

This is a beautifully printed book, 8.5 X 11, with a 170 pages.

About This Book

From my childhood, I have always had an exceptionally strong imagination. It has allowed me to be visionary and creative, but it has often been hijacked by my flesh, generating a lot of fear in me and making it easy for me to slide into discouragement and depression. This has been my constant battle, but I have learned to get control of it through biblical meditation.


The apostle Paul prayed for the eyes of the young believers at Ephesus. He was not praying for their natural eyes, but for their spiritual ones.He obviously believed that the eyes of their hearts need to be inspired in order for them to grow spiritually. He specifically prayed for the eyes of their understanding, which has to do with their imaginations.


In this book, I write about my own experience with fear and depression and the wonderful way the Lord led me out of both. I have been able to keep free by applying these practical principles, using any reoccurrence of fear or depression as signals whenever I fall into a negative pattern of thinking again.


While we all would like a quick and easy way out of mental oppression, God wants us to learn how to walk in love and how to apply discipline to our thought life. He wants us to learn how to use the power of biblical meditation to displace the negative things we often focus on. He knows that what we see with the eyes of our heart affects all of our behavior.


My hope in writing this Study Guide is that your eyes would be opened to the significance of the eyes of your heart and how you need the discipline to focus them in the right direction as they determine so much of what you get out of life.


With every blessing, Penn

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