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How to Break The Habit of Worry, Biblically


If worry is a habit, then it can be changed, but it will take a concentrated effort, using each time it raises its head to remind ourselves that we do not need to give in to it, but should do what Jesus said instead.


Jesus had a lot to say about worry, which is a common pattern of thinking that many of us allow to rule our lives. It all begins with a thought, often about the future, or things beyond our control, which robs us of our joy. Jesus simply told us not to do it. He said it does not accomplish anything or have the power to change whatever it is we are concerned about.


It is a waste of spiritual energy that could be put to better use, if intentionally redirected.


I have broken down this brief study into fourteen sections, so we can focus on one concept a day, until the truths they contain begin to change our thinking. Obviously, fourteen days should not be seen as a guarantee, but rather a reachable goal. If more time is needed, then simply go through this booklet again, letting God’s word do the work.

What Jesus Said About Worry

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