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At one time, the Kingdom of God was a real place, located within the borders of Israel, where God was allowed to rule and reign. The height of His Kingdom occurred during the time when David and Solomon allowed Him to govern through them. Then the people rejected Him as their King, and everything went into a downward spiral, going from bad to worse, in degrees of degradation and bondage. Those who could remember what it was like to have God as King longed for Him to come and reign again. They could remember how safe and secure life was, how prosperous and peaceful it was to live under His benevolent control. They prayed that His Kingdom would be established in the earth again. The prophets began to give glimmers of hope that this would happen one day, but it was always tucked away safely in the future. So you can imagine what a stir it caused when John the Baptist began to proclaim that the Kingdom of God was at hand – now, actually within reach. Then Jesus began to demonstrate that He was the King of Israel now made visible, but after a few short years they rejected Him again, crucifying Him as the King of the Jews. Before He died, Jesus began to talk about a time when the Kingdom of God would not be limited to certain geographical borders, or to one nation, but would be in hidden in the hearts of those who would allow Him to have His way, ruling and reigning through them like David did. Oddly enough, there are those today who claim to know Him as their Savior, but who reject Him as their King, by limiting how much they allow Him to have authority in their lives, refusing His dictates, and denying His power. He is still the King that nobody wants.


This book contains a unique approach to defining the Kingdom of God, making it more real, accessible, and practical, so we can see what it looks like to have Him as our King in our everyday lives. The goal is to learn how to honor Him as the One in dominion over our homes, businesses, and churches. Worry is one evidence that indicates that we are more in control than He is, as we try to be the sovereign of our own lives and circumstances. A lack of power, protection, and provision also indicate that we are in charge of things, rather than our mighty King. The big question is do want the King that nobody wanted to be our King.


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The King Nobody Wanted

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