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When I was a young disciple, I felt the urge to know what lies ahead for me in eternity. So I began to search the Scriptures and I came away with a vision that has motivated me ever since. I have written this out in a book called The Day - Living in Light of Eternity.


What I describe in this book is not some spiritual vision or a dream I had, nor something I saw on a recent visit to heaven, but rather it is something I have seen with the eyes of my heart as I have meditated upon the scriptures about the Judgment Day. It began after a time of personal crisis that I went through, which shook me loose from my limited view of life. It forced me to begin to look up, toward the life to come, so that I began to seeing the realities of the life to come.


My hope is that you would find this course to be

  • Practical and profound.
  • Biblical and balanced. 
  • Loaded with insights that truly make a difference.
  • With applications you can use.

THE DAY - Living in Light of Eternity

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