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Slain In The Spirit


What It Means And Why It Happens


If you have been in full gospel circles any length of time you probably have a story to tell about being “slain in the Spirit.” Or at least questions about it, wondering what it is and what it is for. You should also have asked yourself, “Is it Biblical, and if so, where is it in Scripture?”


There are a number of verses in the New Testament which indicate that certain signs occurred in the apostles’ meetings that were not mentioned in detail. Being slain in the Spirit might have been one of them.


What is interesting about the signs mentioned in the Bible is that they were not always conclusive enough in themselves to cause everyone to abandon their misgivings. People can remain doubtful in spite of some signs. I think this is true concerning being slain in the Spirit. It is not always something that convinces everyone about the reality of God. This can also be said of other signs, such as speaking in tongues. Yet, when it first appeared on the Day of Pentecost, it was mightily used to help 3000 people come to Christ. God actually chose that particular sign to birth the Church when He could have chosen any other sign. It certainly captivated the people's attention long enough that they might hear the gospel.

Slain In The Spirit

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