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When I was a young disciple, I took time to locate and write out all the promises in the Bible. I did this for three reasons. First, I wanted to give promises to those I counselled so that their faith could rest upon on the Word of God rather than the wisdom of men. Secondly, I wanted to use them whenever I prophesied over people, thinking this would be more impacting. As a consequence, I found that these same promises often came to mind when I prayed, giving me something solid to stand, which increased my confidence in prayer.


For this booklet, I did not include all the ones I found in the Psalms, Proverbs, and on almost every page of the New Testament, as there are just too many.


It is my hope that this little booklet would have a big impact upon anyone who wants to prophesy more effectively or serve as a resource for those who provide biblical counseling for God's people.


Prophetic Promises

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