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In 1980, I had a major battle with debilitating fear that lasted for about thirteen months. It resulted in one of the darkest periods of my life, but out of it I learned to apply God's word to overcome my fears, doubts, and depression. The truths I learned during this time have helped me to win many battles since. While I do not believe there is a single spiritual experience that can remove all of our fears once and for all, I do believe that there are things we can do to turn it from dominating our lives.


I have found significant freedom by applying what Jesus, Paul, and David, wrote in scripture. They have been my sole source of salvation, for which I am grateful. Today, I am no longer afraid of fear. God gave me an understanding of the mechanics of it, how it happens and why. It works on the same basis as worry and depression. The solutions are similar as well.



I was having panic attacks every day all day. Lots of things set it off, but as I thought about it, I became afraid of fear. I was afraid of when it might hit, or that it might happen in public, or that others could discern it within me. The thought of it coming again, or that it might be a demon causing it terrified me.


This study was written to help those who are going through their own battle with fear. It is a companion to my other booklets entitled, The Power of the Mind’s Eye and Blowing The Dark Clouds Away – How To Deal With Depression Biblically


There is hope! There is life on the other side of this. I am deeply grateful to God for helping me gain my freedom and for how He has used my experience to help others gain their freedom.

No Longer Afraid of Fear

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