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God hates pride. For that matter, we all do, especially when we see it at work in the lives of others. Like those who have bad breath, I have noticed that those who are truly proud seem to be the last to know it. Then there are those who think they are proud, who are not. I have struggled with the issue of pride, especially in my early days as a young disciple. I thought I had a lot of pride, but through time and study found out that I would often misdiagnose myself. I have other needs, such as needing acceptance, longing for favor, and wanting to be great in the Kingdom of God. Each of these require different solutions. As I worked my way through the four gospels, I noticed how Jesus dealt one way with the disciples who had the need to be great and dealt differently with the pride of the pharisees. He taught one and resisted the other. I began to see a difference between these two conditions.


This is not to say I have not struggled with pride at work in my life. I have. In fact, one time God spoke to me telling me He wanted to deal with my pride. I consented, thinking it would be done quickly, like something that takes place on a weekend retreat. Little did I know that He was going to greatly alter every aspect of my life. I had no idea that its roots ran as deeply as it did.


I was not able to discern it, in part, because it is a root sin and the only way to recognize it at work is by its fruit. That is what this book is all about. In it we explore the fruits of pride and looking for practical remedies that can be applied to them and the root.

My Struggle With Pride

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