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2nd Edition


It’s amazing when you first realize Jesus is still calling and training disciples today, just as He did over two thousand years ago. The only difference now is He is invisible, but otherwise, He relates to us much in the same way He did with His disciples when He walked around Galilee—spending time with us, letting us ask questions, teaching us in a practical way about how the Kingdom works. If we embrace the process, He will train and equip us for ministry just as He did the original Twelve. This has been my experience and something I now intentionally lead others into. 


The big question I am often asked is, “How can I know if I am really a disciple?” The short answer is it will show up in several ways in your life: Do you seek to imitate Jesus in your everyday life? Is He the model for what you say and do? Is this reflected in how you relate to others, respond to difficulties, seeking to please the Father in all things? Here are some other things to look for: 


Disciples are not dependent on having others feed them but are “self-feeders” in that they know how to go to the Source for what they need—and not just for their needs, but also for the needs of others. 


They tend to ask Jesus a lot of questions as they go through life, and they expect Him to answer. 


Disciples have a tendency to look for anything God might be teaching them, in every circumstance that comes along, both good and bad. 


They have an innate desire to find and follow the will of God, rather than doing their own thing. 


They have a real conviction about making Him Lord of their lives. 


They are always working at being disciplined in all areas of their lives, not just the spiritual stuff. While they may not naturally like it, they welcome it because they like the fruit it produces. 


Inside this book you will also discover:


The difference between being a believer and being a disciple

The cost of being a disciple

The benefits of being a disciple

The five disciplines of being a disciple

And so much more!


Making Disciples Today frames the subject of discipleship in a practical way, inspiring anyone who is called to be a disciple of Christ to understand just what that looks like in everyday life.

Making Disciples Today 2.0

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