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I have a growing conviction that most of the grace of God that will ever be given to us is already in the earth today. Rather than coming from heaven itself into our prayer closets, it is passed along from person to person throughout the Body of Christ. This is called impartation. It goes against the grain of individualism, which undermines our need to relate closely to each other in the Body of Christ. Whenever I share this idea, I tend to draw the most flak from those who have become detached from or disenchanted with the Church.


Consider the implications if it were true. Whatever we desire of God comes through someone else requires us to stay in close relationship with the Body. While it takes very little humility to receive from someone as perfect as Jesus, it takes great humility to receive from imperfect vessels like ourselves.


We believe in a form of impartation when it comes to money. When we ask for it, we know it does not rain down from heaven, but “men give into our bosom.” I am gathering assurance that whatever we receive from the Holy Spirit comes the same way. It is imparted from one person to another. This explains why Paul wrote to the Romans in 1:11-12, saying that he couldn’t wait to be with them so that he could impart spiritual gifts to them. Why did he not just tell them to seek them on their own?


This is a companion booklet to Giving Away the Holy Spirit and My Search For the Gifts of the Spirit. It shows how grace is given by God through our connection with others who have the grace we need.


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