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God has only created two institutions; first marriage and then the church and both are under ever-increasing attack. As we move further away from God’s original design for either institution, we will continue to see a breakdown in society. However, if we would choose to align our lives with what God intended in the first place, we could begin to abide under the flow of His blessing and receive the positive benefits of His provision, protection, guidance, and nurture.


While many women have been helped by this teaching, my primary target for this study guide are men. I want to help husbands understand their God-given roles and responsibilities. I also teach this to relieve our wives who are pressured by fear and insecurity to assume the responsibility that their husbands have neglected. I want to show them how the source of much of the mental oppression they have experienced comes whenever they take on roles and responsibilities that they were never given.


I want to see young people learn how to relate to their parent’s authority in a more intentional way, so they can fully experience the promise of the commandment, “that it may be well with you”. Whenever I share this concept with young people, and they buy into it, they are always amazed to find how much easier it is to get the guidance they need, whenever they do things God’s way.


I wish those who are preparing for marriage could get this message as it would spare them all the grief and stress that many of us have needlessly endured because we didn’t know these principles.


Here are some other reasons why we should take the time to do this study:


  • If you hate your marriage, perhaps what you are really hating is the fruit that comes from being out of God’s order.
  • If you feel stuck in a lifeless marriage and have concluded that the problem lies with your spouse, but don’t see how they will never change, you need to read this book.
  • If you have been struggling financially for most of their married life you may be missing the flow of God’s provision because you are not aligned with God’s order.
  • If you feel contempt for your parents, you need to read this book.
  • If you are unable to find the guidance you need, this may begin to change after you apply the principles found in this book.
  • If you despise your boss but that new dream job you always long for has not fallen into your lap yet, God maybe at work. I suggest you begin asking Him to change your disposition rather than your vocation and begin doing what the scriptures says about employees and employers.


Honoring Headship

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