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A Biblical and Balanced Approach to Child Training


These days, we are hearing from many young parents who are asking for advice about how to train their rambunctious children. We are also hearing from pastors who do not know what to do with the kids that are distracting everyone during church services and small group meetings. This study provides a way forward that can bring peace to your hearts and homes, and our churches, instead of them being run by the anger and frustration of the fallen nature of man, who wants to rule. This selfish nature must be the target of all our efforts to train our kids, which starts with the parents being trained to do it out of respect for God and His word. This study makes a clear distinction between child discipline and child abuse, and if followed, would prevent child abuse. I list a number of important areas that our children need to be trained in.It has a large question and answer section, dealing with such issues as what really changes when my child turned 18?

Hand In The Cookie Jar

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