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Through the years, I have had the opportunity to pray for many people to receive the baptism with the Holy Spirit. As I witness their experiences up close, I have been able to re-live the wonder of my own, which took place back in 1978. I can recall both the thrill and trepidation of those early days, filled with discovery and doubt. I didn't have anyone to coach me through this tumultuous time, but ventured out alone, armed only with a strong desire to get in on whatever God had promised. I wanted to experience what was in the book of Acts for myself and was determined not to come up for air until I did.


All of the blocks that I had back then are common to man, as we all fear the unknown. In fact, as I consider my own blocks and fears today, I realize that they are all the same ones that I had to overcome in those early days, more than forty years ago. They are still there, and I still have to get around them as I try to yield to the Holy Spirit today.

Whenever I pray for folks, I often see the same determination in their faces — mixed with the apprehension that I had. As I listen to their questions and fears, I can hear the same struggles and uncertainties that once blocked my way. All I can do is share with them what I had to learn in order to move forward.


We all face a wide range of blocks and barriers that tend to impede our spiritual progress. Some inhibitors are large theological ones, while others are small pockets of personal resistance. Both of these reservations are often based upon our reaction to what we have heard, rather than a revelation from God’s word. In this study guide, I want to identify these blocks and barriers that we all struggle with and counter them with a practical Biblical perspective that can help us yield more fully to the Holy Spirit at work in our lives.


  • You will learn how to yield to the Holy Spirit, which is the key to getting more.
  • You will learn about the benefits of speaking in tongues.
  • You will learn how to help others receive more.
  • You will find that it is true that it is better to give than it is to receive

Giving Away the Holy Spirit

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