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Want to change churches? Read this book first. It could save you and your family a lot of stress.


I have met many people who are adrift in the Body because they lost their way when they changed churches. They approached it wrong, doing it for the wrong reasons, causing them to wander like lost sheep.


The Lord does not mind our changing churches, as it is all His Body, but He does care about how and why we do it. In this book we explore the right way to change churches and give a list of reasons why we should.


This study will also help pastors trust the Lord to grow their churches without having to resort to the kinds of things that actually hurt church growth.


It also addresses the subject of church growth from a Biblical point of view.


The idea behind this study about gatekeeping comes from John 10, where Jesus used a term to describe how a shepherd would place himself in the doorway of the sheepfold in order to protect the flock. He alone determined who came in or went out of the fold.


For me, gatekeeping has come to describe the process we use in our church to determine who becomes part of us or not. We don’t believe our church should be like a public library, where anyone can come in and use our resources. We also need to be more discerning about who is going to influence our people. This booklet contains how the Lord taught us how to do gatekeeping and the steps to take to do it in an honorable way.