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When I was a young disciple, I often heard people talk about the anointing, but I couldn’t find anyone who could explain it to me. No one seemed to know what it was. I had many questions about this spiritual experience, as I often heard it alluded to, yet I never once heard a sermon about it nor could I put my hands on a book about it. I wanted to know how to get this “anointing” and how to increase it in my life. Then, when I got it, I wanted to understand how I would keep from losing it. I wondered if the anointing was a special work of the Holy Spirit. And if so, I wanted to know why Paul didn’t teach the Corinthians about it while he was explaining the various ways the Holy Spirit manifested His power in our lives, or for that matter, why Jesus hadn’t told His disciples how to cultivate it. When I first searched the Scriptures about what the anointing does, I could scarcely find anything, so then I began to wonder why the anointing was mentioned more in Charismatic circles than it was in the Bible. 


In time, after a good search of the Scriptures, I came to a place where I could finally put these questions to rest. I was able to build a solid biblical understanding of this wonderful work of grace in my life known as the anointing. Furthermore, I discovered, both by study and by experience, how essential the anointing is whenever we pray, preach, or prophesy. This study provided me with the practical steps I needed to begin intentionally cultivating the anointing within me, and now, I trust it will do the same for you.


This book is part of a series of studies that Penn has prepared disciples or for those who are preparing for ministry. This 5 X 7 book is beautifully printed and is about is over a 60 pages in length.


Cultivating the Anointing

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