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Some Christians take communion alone in church, separated from others because of broken relationships and walled-in by unresolved conflicts. These prevent them being able to enter into real fellowship with others, which often prevents them from entering into the fullest fellowship with the Lord. Although these same people wouldn’t miss a communion service, they might as well be taking communion on the moon!


When Jesus said that communion was to be done “in remembrance of” Him, do you really think He was concerned that the Twelve would actually forget Him? Paul wrote to the Corinthians, telling them what Jesus taught him about communion. I don’t think he was concerned that this first century church was forgetting Jesus or what He did on the cross. He wrote to remind them of why they should take it. Perhaps, there are those in our churches today who might forget, routinely taking communion, as if it were merely a religious ritual, but personally I have never taken communion once to remind myself about Him. What I do forget, almost daily, is this sobering fact: how I treat others is really how I treat Jesus. I need to be reminded of this regularly.


This is a 2nd edition udated in 2022.

Communion on the Moon

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