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I wrote A Place For Prophecy as a handbook to help people understand more about the gift of prophecy, so we can appreciate its purpose, power and priority, and to help pastors know how to release their people into the greater flow of this essential gift. It comes out of a conviction that God not only wants to speak to us, but that He wants to raise up a prophetic people in the church today. This study guide contains practical wisdom that I have accumulated over the past forty years, both by trial and error, as I have tried to be on the front row of what God has been doing in the church, especially concerning the gifts of the Spirit. In this book you can read how prophecy has impacted my life, perhaps more than anything else, and how I have tried to create a place for this gift in the churches I have pastored. You will learn


How prophecy happens, learning the “mechanics” of it.

How different levels of grace allows for different kinds of prophecy

How do you know if you have a gift

How the gifts are imparted

How the gift should work in our meetings

How to judge both prophecies and prophets


There is also an extensive question and answer section to help know how to pastor this gift in our churches.

A Place For Prophecy

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