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One directive of the Great Commission is for us to make disciples. I believe this means helping others become disciples of the living Christ, not disciples of us.


It's amazing to realize Jesus is still calling and training disciples today, just as He did over two thousand years ago.


For years, I have been helping others become disciples of the living Christ through a program called the Discipleship Group and through a systematic study known as Discipleship House. My study notes on basic discipleship training that have encouraged many in their relationship with Christ are now available in this introductory volume.


This is a notebook size manual with over a 100 pages written to inspire those entering into discipleship, those preparing for ministry, or those in ministry who want to help others become disciples of the Living Christ. I have also created a layout of a program called Discipleship House, which can be incorporated into your own church.


I have endeavored to create a study that enables you to understand what it means to be discipled by Jesus. Inside this book, you will discover:


• The difference between being a believer and being a disciple

• The cost of being a disciple

• The benefits of being a disciple

• The five disciplines of being a disciple

• And so much more!


Included in this study are two question and answer sections that help clarify this unique perspective and shed even more light on the subject. Making Disciples Today frames the subject of discipleship in a practical way, inspiring anyone who is called to be a disciple of Christ to understand just what that looks like in everyday life.

Making Disciples Today

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