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There are many different kinds of smiths in the world. There are blacksmiths, tinsmiths, and goldsmiths, but what vocation can be higher than to be able to spend one’s life working with words? Words can be wrought in such a way as to change an individual’s life. Consider the enormous privilege of spending a lifetime handling God’s Word, which transforms and enriches lives. Furthermore, it inspires us to love God for all eternity. What can be more valuable than that which has been wrought by God’s Word? 

Wordsmith Study Guides and Booklets were originally written for those in our local church who were in leadership or were preparing for the ministry. In time, I began to print them in a newsletter format, sending them out to various church leaders and those who prayed for my ministry. When the Internet became available, I decided it would be more expedient to publish Wordsmith online. Over the years, this has been a proven way to invest in the lives of those who are in ministry or are being trained for it. 

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