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FIVE KEYS – A Study about How to Study


This 100-page Study Guide is especially valuable for those who have been exposed to false teaching or those who have been under the influence of a false teacher. This This book will not only empower you against future abuse, but restore your confidence in a such way that you can open your heart to new teaching again.


There is a great need in the Church today to study God’s Word, but there is also a great need to learn how to study it. Just as there are commonly held principles that guide us in almost everything we do—from using a chainsaw to using a sewing machine—there must be guiding principles about how to study and interpret the Bible.


Like the set of keys on the cover of this book, the keys of interpretation range in size, indicating their importance. Some keys are used more often than the others, but each one is useful to help open up our understanding of the Bible.


The following lists the basic rules for studying the Bible that I have used through the years and found to be very helpful in my own study:


Key 1. Find two or three witnesses.

Key 2. Look at the context.

Key 3. Consider what the original language meant.

Key 4. Discover the author’s original intent.

Key 5. Use the whole of Scripture to find meaning.


I have found that these few, simple keys, used in any combination, can help us safely interpret the Bible, opening it up to us for our understanding.


This book is a valuable study tool and will only become more so in the difficult days ahead.

Five Keys: A Study About How to Study

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